What I Can Do For You:

  • Help you to learn and master Active Butterfly, which is used by the best NHL goalies.

  • Offer you instructional videos that reveal secrets I teach.

  • Via online goalie coaching you'll an opportunity to have a professional goalie coach.

  • My career advice, agent services and consulting can get you into right places.

  • Free tips and advice will help you to improve immediately.


Are You Still Calling Yourself an Old School hybrid Goalie Or Are You Using The Modern Butterfly Style, Active Butterfly?

I teach my students a superb form of the butterfly style, which is a blend of North-America and Europe. Active Butterfly style is used by the best NHL goalies and I have done some of my additions to it.


What really makes the difference between my teaching and many other goalie coaches is the emphasis on small details, how to use hands and positioning. Also, off-ice training, and the mental side of the game, are something that I teach differently than any other coach I know.



A New Way Of Training And Coaching In The Hockey World

ice hockey goalie coaching imageTraditionally a goalie coach comes onto the ice once in a while, and runs a few drills with the goalies. I want to do it better. Every year I'll take a few students who I will train and coach like they train and coach in boxing world. Constant personal guidance, year round training and a close personal coaching relationship.



Instructional Videos - Training and Technique

I will reveal everything you need to know from butterfly and splits ice hockey goaltending secrets imagestretching to NHL level positioning. I created such a complete video package that you would never have to buy an another instructional video ever again, (note: I still recommend to learn from as many coaches as possible, and study as much as possible.)


All videos are available online immediately. You can be watching them 5 minutes from now. Click here to find out more.



In The Zone - Inspired by John Duillard's Book "Body, Mind And Sports"

ice hockey goalie training imageSkill and technique create the foundation of a strong goalie. However what separates great goalies from average goalies is their mental toughness and consistency. Success is not handed down or stumbled upon; it is earned.


If you want to possess one of the greatest secrets ever developed in the world of goaltending the 'In The Zone' video series is for you. In the videos I will teach you how to take your game to its highest level.


During the past 10 years I have transformed the secrets of Zen-Masters of Martial Arts into goaltending. You will learn something that nobody in the hockey world has known before. Click here to find out more.



Why 1/3 Of NHL Teams Have a Finnish Goalie?

Finland is a country that has only 5 million people but still, we produce so many great goalies like Kiprusoff, Niemi, Rask, etc. How is this possible? Simply because we have the best goalie coaching system in the world. It is normal to have a goalie coach since the day one, all the way up to the pros and lot of goalie specific ice time. Goalies learn the right techniques right away because our hockey federation does really good job educating goalie coaches and goalie parents. If you are a goalie, parent, head coach or youth hockey manager and want guaranteed improvement on goalie coaching, contact to a Finnish goalie coach. We are the best.



About IceHockeyGoaltending.com

The main reason why I created this website and my coaching service, was because I realized there are many talented goalies with lot of desire and commitment, but they don't have proper guidance and modern coaching.


Now it is time to share my knowledge and experience that I have gained over the past 20 years.


My goal is to provide goalies with all the tools they need to get into the NHL and to succeed in the NHL.


My mission is to help goalies with passion, faith and determination to become as good as they can.


Welcome to www.IceHockeyGoaltending.com




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